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"My niece and my daughter watched the magic show for my daughter's birthday. They really enjoyed the colorful props , as well as the story accompanying the show. Immidiately after we got home, the girls set up their own 'magic show ' and played happily for hours. It was a really neat idea and fun experience for everyone. "

Alex Arthur
"Makrim did a show for my birthday and it was well very cool. I liked the Bugsy, the stories and happenings about the young prince and about the bully.... and I liked the raccoon.?"

Dahlia Cutter/ May 25/2016

"My son attended Makrim's Magic birthday show and he really enjoyed it. He was fascinated on how you make things appear and disappear. His looking forward for more magic."

Once again thank you for entertaining him and the kids.



Hello JP

"Thank you for such wonderful work at my party. All my guests were very impressed with you skills and they are still talking about you!

I would recommend you to anyone looking for a professional."


Karina N.

private party



"Thank you very much for your outstanding performance at the birthday party. You were a hit with everyone, I received positive feedback from all. I was impressed with your talent and am left wondering how you managed to do these things. You are definitely a "must see it to believe it" act ! "

Best regards,

Patrick Martel
Canadian Armed Forces


Hi JP:

"I would like to thank you for coming to our CHEO Laboratory Christmas party again this year. I have enjoyed using your services both this year and last. It made our Christmas parties fun and was great water cooler fodder for weeks to come.

Thanks again! "

Lorraine Hart, BMLSc, MLT

Title: Quality Coordinator – Laboratories



"This is just a note to thank you personally for your services at our annual picnic. We were all impressed in how efficient and captivating you were and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.. and refreshing but most of all, very entertaining. Your passion for what you do is evident and I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for good group entertainment. "

Yours kindly,

Shelley Brisson
Title: CN Merchandising

Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.



"I have had the good fortune of meeting JP through different video production projects. We had worked on two specific projects together that related to magic and mentalism. After seeing JP's services and skills from behind the scenes, I was more than compelled to try his services for myself .......... A bonus is that JP is very friendly and makes you feel totally comfortable From then on I have continually kept in touch with JP and make use of his services."

Rama Hashemi
Title: Owner, Kanto Studios


Hello JP

"I booked JP for a party, and he was a big hit! He was very easy to work with, and very accommodating .....I would definitely recommend him for any event you're throwing!"

Yael Santo
Private Party


" I just wanted to thank-you for last Friday, we truly enjoyed having you here. You made Halloween fun for us adults, noting it’s not all for the kids.

Should you need a reference in the future please don’t hesitate to use my name.

Wishing you the best"

Valerie B. Hoffman


"So nice to hear from you and of course I would be pleased to act as a reference for you. I was so impressed with your work at the Thai restaurant and I know you take your professionalism very seriously. I will only have good things to say about you!

Sending you and yours my best,"


Suzanne Duc, RP, MACP, TIRT, LSRF

Reesor and Associates

150 Isabella Street, Suite 215

Ottawa, ON

K1S 1V7

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